Mindfulness Coaching

of becoming more aware of who you actually are, and living more and more out of what’s deepest and best in you. Many people seek coaching as a way of deepening their mindfulness practice and integrating practice further into daily life, applying its principles to the challenges, demands and opportunities that arise moment to moment. As we become more aware of our patterns through practice, we see more clearly how these conditioned ways of coping can block our growth and perhaps keep us stuck.

I have repeatedly found, in my own life and through working with others, that the difficulties, heartbreak and stress we face on a dialy basis can, if we’re in wise relationship to them, serve as powerful catalysts for growth. When we bring our full creativity and care to the challenge of looking deeply into our lives, including the habituated patterns of reactivity to what we don’t like, coaching becomes the beginning of a life-long adventure of self-discovery and freedom from confining definitions of self, others and the world.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Who Can Benefit?

If you are wanting to explore new ways of relating to yourself and your life circumstances, or to discover new options for how to respond to the challenges and difficulties you are facing, coaching may be of great benefit to you. It helps if you have a foundation in mindfulness practice, but I regularly work with beginners; interest is the key factor! Mindfulness coaching can be of help in facing a wide variety of challenging conditions and circumstances, including:

  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain or illness; medical conditions
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Disconnection from the Body
  • Stress—financial, health, job or family
Use of evidence-based practices

I bring my extensive experience as a Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor and training in Mindfulness-Based Interventions to the coaching setting. There is a vast and growing body of research which demonstrates the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation in coping with mood imbalance such as anxiety and depression, chronic pain, trauma-related conditions, and emotional distress related to chronic and acute physical conditions.

My Master’s degree in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at the University of Oxford in the U.K. has grounded me in evidence-based practices that are at the forefront of innovation and effectiveness in our field. Over the past 40 years as a mindfulness practitioner, counselor and MBI teacher and teacher trainer, I have worked with thousands of individuals, including myself!, and seen the power of these practices for relieving human suffering and promoting health, joy and thriving.

Fees & Duration

Individual Mindfulness Coaching sessions:

  • $175 for 60 minute session
  • $250 for 90 minute session
  • $90 for 30 minutes

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How to get started

Janet has limited openings for new coaching clients. Please contact Janet to inquire about scheduling.

Other Resources

Janet has recorded a series of Mindfulness meditation for stress reduction and working with difficult moods, emotions and thoughts. These are of different lengths (from 5 – 45 minutes), and can be a powerful support in opening to responding with care and wisdom rather than repeating patterns of reactivity. Please contact Janet for more information, or to purchase the meditations in MP3 format to download, singly or as a set.

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