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Mindfulness and MBSR

60 Minutes Special on Mindfulness with Anderson Cooper: WATCH HERE

The Connection: Mind Your Body: WATCH HERE

Mindfulness and Mental Health

Documentary on Mindfulness and the global mental health crisis: “My Year of Living Mindfully” by Shannon Harvey: watch the preview here (if you care to see the whole film you can rent or purchase it here as well):


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Interview with Willem Kuyken, PhD, Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Center and a leading global MBCT researcher and teacher, called “The Benefits of Mindfulness”:


Zindel Segal, one of the MBCT founders, with his TED Talk, “The Mindful Way Through Depression”: 


The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Mark Williams at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre:


9 Attitudes of Mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn beautifully describes the attitudes that support mindfulness practice, as well as living in a way that is open-minded, and open-hearted.


Free Meditations

Cultivation of Self-Care and Compassion by Chris Germer

Chris Germer, co-developer of Mindful Sel-Compassion training, offers free meditations for the cultivation of self-care and compassion:

Community Mindfulness Sessions with the Mindfulness Center at Brown University (MC@B)

Available LIVE-ONLINE or by PHONE: All sessions are free and open to the public, and are offered daily (Monday-Saturday).

Oxford Mindfulness Center at the University of Oxford Resources

Oxford Mindfulness Center at the University of Oxford has resources available to the public, including free guided practices and weekly podcasts:

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center Guided Meditations

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center’s free guided meditations:

The Krame Center for Mindful Living

Free guided meditations of various lengths (from 5 minutes – 50 minutes) from some of my beloved teachers and colleagues:

Research on Mindfulness

 By Title

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to prevent relapse in recurrent depression

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to prevent relapse in recurrent depression, Kuyken et al. Research comparing MBCT favorably to anti-depressant medication.

Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs) Reduce Anxiety and Depression in Adult Cancer Patients
Mindfulness meditation: A research-proven way to reduce stress and improve both mental and physical health

Mindfulness meditation: A research-proven way to reduce stress and improve both mental and physical health, American Psychological Association article on the evidence-based benefits of MBSR and MBCT.

What defines mindfulness-based programs? The warp and the weft

What defines mindfulness-based programs? The warp and the weft, by Crane et al. Clarifies what elements are consistent across all evidence-based Mindfulness-Based programs, and what vary depending on the population they are designed to serve.

Attending to the present: mindfulness meditation reveals distinct neural modes of self-reference

Attending to the present: mindfulness meditation reveals distinct neural modes of self-reference, by Norman Farb et al, 2007.  

This research demonstrates two distinct neural pathways in the brain reflecting “narrative” and “experiential” ways of being aware of oneself, the first associated with a ‘default’ narrative awareness of a distinct self over time, and the second reflecting present-moment, sensory awareness of self. The authors show that mindfulness training increases the ability to shift from the default narrative pathway to the experiential, which has important implications for relieving patterns of distress associated with depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness Organizations


Janet is on this international listing of mental health professionals who are committed to excellence in the delivery, training and dissemination of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. This organization offers quality assurance for each listed teacher and their courses.

Center for Healthy Minds

Created by leading neuroscientist and researcher Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin, the Center has already demonstrated that well-being is a skill that can be learned and cultivated. 

Center for Mindful Eating

Dedicated to cultivating mindful awareness in support of a healthier relationship with food.

Discover Mindfulness

Mindfulness in education information hub, and free Fact Sheet.

Garrison Institute

Supporting social change and transformation through contemplative practice.

Inner Kids

Susan Kaiser Greenland’s work with mindfulness for kids and families.

Mindful Directory

Janet is listed on this global directory of Mindfulness Teachers and Events. In collaboration with, this global platform is dedicated to supporting the field in maintaining high quality standards, listing only those teachers whose level of training has been verified.

Mind and Life Institute

Leading mindfulness research organization, bringing together eminent scientists and contemplative practitioners and scholars.

Magazine and website about mindfulness.

Mindfulness Center at Brown University

Bringing research, practice and teacher training together in the direct lineage that Jon Kabat-Zinn began at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness.

Website all about MBCT.

Oxford Mindfulness Centre

A leading global center, housed within the University of Oxford’s Department of Psychiatry.

Mindfulness Retreat Centers

Insight Meditation Society
Omega Center
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center


Lisa Gerber's "The Gear Show" Podcast

Lisa Gerber’s “The Gear Show” Podcast with Janet Curry: “Finding Joy Again Through Meditation and Mindfulness”

Mindfulness Apps & Sites

Muse: Meditation and Sleep App

Formerly called “Meditation Studio”, Muse: Meditation and Sleep App features guided meditations from many mindfulness experts. Janet’s 2 guided meditations within this app are titled: Spacious Awareness and Open Heart Body Scan. You’re welcome to use this link to automatically receive a 15% discount at checkout:

Mindfulness Meditation Live

Presenting offerings for live mindfulness courses, trained mindfulness teachers, and connecting with others interested in mindfulness topics. Janet is listed on Mindfulness Meditation Live.


Participating in counseling can be a transformative means of becoming more aware of who you actually are, what you love most, and how to embrace life from what’s deepest and best in you.

Mindfulness Courses

See the many courses Janet offers with Stillpoint Mindfulness, including MBSR, MBCT, Teacher Training, Graduate Programs, Mindfulness Mentoring, and much more.