Mindfulness Mentoring

as a developing mindfulness teacher, or a professional bringing mindfulness into our work with others. As a Certified MBSR teacher trainer, I am grounded in a love of both practice and teaching, seeing them as complimentary means of growth.  I have a deep commitment to mutual care and respect, and from this invite an open, dynamic investigation of teaching challenges, miscommunications, breakthroughs, and strengths. I bring a dedication both to your learning, and to the skillful sharing of mindfulness in the world.

Either through a 10-session process while you are actively

engaged in teaching the full MBSR course (required for MBSR Teacher Certification), or as part of fulfilling good practice guidelines for ongoing mentoring and development, I will explore with you what is happening in the teaching process: in you, in the group or client, and in the unfolding curriculum.  In this way, teaching mindfulness reflects the transformative possibilities that lie within practicing mindfulness itself: discovering who we really are, and cultivating our innate capacities for flourishing.  

Please contact Janet for more information or with questions.

More About

Mindfulness Mentoring

Mentoring Structure and Time Commitment

Mentoring generally is scheduled for 60-minute sessions, but other arrangements can be made based on your needs and availability.  Sessions can be scheduled on an occasional basis, for 2 – 5 sessions per MBSR course cycle, or for 10 weeks as you teach a full MBSR course cycle, as is required for MBSR Teacher Certification.

Mentoring Structure and Methodology

As a mentee, you are invited to dive deeply into the MBSR curriculum, the art and science of relational teaching, and how to more effectively, wisely, and kindly meet both the challenges and beauty that arise in teaching.  We draw on the MBI-TAC rubric as a way of exploring your edges of growth and learning.  You are strongly encouraged to record or film your teaching during an entire MBSR cycle, or prior to individual mentoring sessions, and to share clips of film to review together during our sessions.  You may want to share moments of guiding practice, of group/individual dialogue and inquiry, of a particularly challenging interaction, or of a skillful clarification. Other supportive information and documentation, including consent form language for course participants, is sent once we establish a mentoring relationship.    

Mentoring Fees

Our intention is for mentoring to be accessible to all who are called to study mindfulness, practice and teach MBSR.  Two levels of pricing offers flexibility based on your financial capacity. Benefactor rates reflect actual costs; your generosity will help to ‘pay forward’ support for increased and more equitable access for those who cannot afford the base rate.  Please inquire with Janet about financial assistance, which may be available based on need. 

Individual Hourly Mentoring Rate: 

  • Base rate: $150 

  • Benefactor rate: $200

10-Week Individual Mentoring: 

  • Base rate: $1300

  • Benefactor rate: $1600

How to get started

Mentoring for individual sessions can be arranged at any time.  If you are interested in scheduling the 10-week Mentoring process while teaching a MBSR course cycle, contact Janet for more information, and at least 6 weeks prior to the start of your MBSR course to apply.