As we begin registration for our next MBSR course offering with Prajna Yoga, I’d like to introduce them to you, and share why collaborating with them is such a joy.  Founded by Tias and Surya Little, Prajna is at the forefront of yoga training in the West. They are grounded in the ancient roots of yoga and contemplative practice, while integrating modern research on the mind-body connection.  Tias and Surya are deeply experienced, poetic, caring teachers, weaving together the grace and power of asana training with meditative practice to serve wakefulness in all domains of life.  You can learn more and explore their wealth of offerings at:

Tias and I first met around 25 years ago, but our connection goes back even further. His dad, H. Ganse “Binks” Little, was my beloved Religion professor in college, and over the years, Binks and Tias’ mom, Susan, became cherished friends and members of our extended family.  Binks and Susan introduced me to yoga in the 1980’s, and to Jon Kabat-Zinn, who Susan interned with in the early days of MBSR at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s Stress Reduction Clinic.  My debt of gratitude to them is enormous. In opening the doorway to these transformative practices, and in so generously sharing their interests, encouragement, and warmth, Binks and Susan helped shape the course of my life.

Their gifts continue to blossom, as has my friendship with Tias and Surya, grounded as it is in our shared love of contemplative teachings and practices, and commitment to offering these ways of cultivating greater ease and freedom to others.  Teaching MBSR with Prajna is for me a beautiful way of coming around the circle, enabling me to “pay forward” the transformation possible when we bring our full hearts, open minds and embodied presence to the challenges of our lives.